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Wysowa Dwór    38-160 Wysowa Zdrój 289     tel. +48 603-638-702       e-mail : wysowa.dwor@gmail.com   


The ski lift on Magura Małastowska is within 25 minutes by car. The existing slope is located in the south of Poland in Małastów, on the slope of Magura Małastowska. Descent from the summit of Magura Małastowska (813m above sea level). A 4-seater chairlift with a capacity of 2200 people / h, 127 seats. The route is artificially snowed, groomed and illuminated. The length of the railway is 1071.5 m. The length of the downhill trail is 1400m. The level difference is 260m.



Horseback riding is one of the greatest adventures a horse lover can experience. The Low Beskids offers excellent conditions for horseback riding. In Wysowa and its vicinity, there are ideal places for people who are just starting this adventure, but also for those who have traveled many paths on horseback.


The lake Klimkówka is associated with new tourist and recreational functions: Here is a holiday resort with a marina, water equipment rental (the lake is a quiet zone: using motorboats is forbidden), a bathing beach and catering facilities. There is also a WOPR and water police station The lake is one of the best water bodies in Europe for windsurfing due to the constant winds. A perfect place to spend free time by the water




The water park in Wysowa is an indoor swimming pool with water massages, a children's pool, a spa pool, jacuzzi, dry and wet saunas.

Park program: Recreation and rehabilitation pool Pool depth: 1.2 to 1.4 m

Water surface area: 287 m2 Pool water volume: 373 m3

Water temperature: up to 30 ° C

Equipment - water and air massage stations: air loungers, air benches, four-nozzle, wall-mounted water massage station, two-nozzle, wall-mounted water massage station, foot massage, air geyser, water cannon, narrow neck massage, water cascade, wide neck massage

Kids pool water umbrella

SPA pool (Jacuzzi)

Water capacity: 1.95 m3

Pool water temperature: 33 Steam sauna and dry sauna 



In the spa park there are public mineral water intakes (brine) Aleksandra, Józef I and paid and available in the new pump room (see Mineral Water Pump Room in Wysowa-Zdrój): Franciszek, Henryk, Józef II, Słone and Anna.

The mineral water Wysowianka and the healing waters Franciszek Henryk and Józef come from the local bottling plant

There are facilities such as the mineral water pump room, the old spa house, the concert shell and the water park building